What We Bought With Our Spending Money

Mom’s pancakes w/ maple syrup, sausage, and a glass of orange juice

 Sorry we (meaning the kids) haven’t posted in a while! But we talked about it and we are going to post about what we bought our spending money that our St. Nicholas family gave us! Before the trip we counted the amount (which was in two different currencies, pounds and euros) and in pounds we had the total of approximately 80 pounds and 40 euros! Then of course we divided it and each of us got 20 pounds and 10 euros. Since we are almost done with our trip we thought it would be a good idea! We will also tell you how much spending money we have left.

What Grey Spent With His Money
 This is what I spent with my money. The first thing I bought was a stuffed animal rabbit called Peter Rabbit. He got lost in London. Also I got a lollipop that I ate fast. I got some toy warriors at Wardour Castle that I play with. I got a set of Avengers figures that I play with.

I spent all my money!!

What Liam Spent With His Money
 I bought a Mythical Creature Book in London. It has mythical creatures in it. That’s obvious. After that I bought a bug locket at the Museum of Natural History in London. It’s what you catch bugs in. There’s a magnifying glass where you can study them. There’s something I really want to tell you. In Killarney, Mom made a deal with me that she would let me buy a drum! I’ve always wanted a drum. My drum has Celtic artwork on it! I also bought an encyclopedia book about the world’s history.

I spent all my money!!!

What Bronwyn Spent With Her Money
 The first thing I bought with my money was a Cleopatra doll in London at the British Museum. She is really, really cute. I bought a Rainbow Loom kit on the ferry to Iona and Liam and Grey stepped on it and broke it!! But I’ve got a better one at home! In Iona I bought a worry doll. Girls used to have worry dolls and told them their worries and put the dolls under their pillows at night. And guess what? I lost my tooth and I got an extra 2 pounds!! I spent the last pound I already had on chocolate. YUMMY!! And I converted my last 2 pounds into euro and I bought a pencil sharpener/eraser

I have 11.50 euros left!!

What Tai Spent With His Money  When we went to the British Museum I bought a Horrible Histories book about the Saxons. It was interesting! In Salisbury I bought a cool Muppet mug I saw at a comic book shop. I have to be careful while we travel so the mug won’t break! I bought a pencil because I only had one super short one. The problem was that I didn’t have a pencil sharpener, so when we got to Iona I bought one of those that had “Iona” printed on it. Cadbury chocolate is the company of chocolate they have in the UK, and in my opinion Cadbury is a million times better than Hershey’s! So I bought a Cadbury bar (it kinda reminded me of Charlie buying one of Willy Wonka’s bars!) and I took a bite of it every day after lunch and dinner and it lasted 4 days until one day I ate the rest! Yum! With my extra money I bought other 3 books: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Horrible Histories: Terrible Tudors, and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, with I recommend very much to people who wants to find an adventure book!

I have 5.00 euros left!

Well that is all we spent with our money! I can’t believe this trip is almost over! We have 11 more days until we fly out!! We will be posting about other things and our dad will post more about Dingle! Tootles!!


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  1. Elizabeth · July 14, 2015

    Very good choices on purchases. We’ll like to see them!


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