Seventh Week: On the Edge of the World

Yogurt parfait, toast with some of the best oat bread you can imagine, and coffee

It is a cold and rainy day here on the tiny island of Iona, Scotland. The highs haven’t reached above the 50s and while he had one day of complete sunshine, the rest of our days have been full of drizzly rain. I’m told it’s unseasonably cold, and I remember my trip here exactly 8 years ago and it was much warmer. I’m writing this without an internet connection as Iona is very remote. We have no internet or cell phone signal at our cottage on the north end of this beautiful island in the western Hebrides of Scotland.  I will actually upload this post via the internet at the St. Columba Hotel, one of the few on the island. We’ve logged in a lot of miles since my last post. Before I tell you more about Iona, let me go back to Tisbury.

 I mentioned in my last post that I hadn’t found much live music to experience. However, I ended up hitting the jackpot before we left the south of England. Renowned folk musician and activist Peggy Seeger (sister of Pete Seeger) was playing in Salisbury the night before we left. Not knowing much about her, I decided to take a chance. If you don’t know about Peggy Seeger, she’s really quite fascinating, so go look her up. She was celebrating her 80th birthday by touring with her two sons. Peggy Seeger is the epitome of a folk singer, performing English ballads, Appalachian folk tunes, and contemporary sing-a-longs. She played banjo, guitar, piano, and obscure instruments like the concertina and autoharp. Her sons played mandolins guitars, and even a psaltery (I had to look that one up). She was sassy, hilarious, and moving. I was completely entranced by her. I was seated next to a lovely English woman who has now become my new pen pal. If I don’t get to see any other shows on this trip, I’d allow Peggy Seeger to satisfy my thirst for music.  Read More


Sixth Week: Wandering in Wiltshire

Fried egg, toast, and granola

On the driveway to our cottage.

J.R.R. Tolkien wrote, “Not all those who wander are lost,” but in our estimation, sometimes those who wander are most assuredly lost. However, that is sometimes a very good thing.

This was a week of taking an even more slower pace as we settled into Tisbury for our second week here. Molly is still recovering from her cold, which we now think are allergy-related and focused on something in the cottage. She’s fine whenever we leave. But on Tuesday, we decided to take a day off to rest and simply hang out at the cottage.    Read More

Fifth Week: Toothless in Tisbury

Fruit Muesli…love that stuff. But I’m missing my regular coffee.

This dino was so big, I couldn’t get him in the picture fully!

This could be their album cover. (In the alley on Whistler Street on the way to Highbury Fields.)

It’s been almost a week since we left London and arrived in Tisbury, Wiltshire. Before we left, we visited the Natural History Museum so Liam could look at some dinosaur bones. We took the train out on my birthday, June 3. It was certainly the most different birthday I’ve ever had. No presents (my family gave me all my presents before we left). No cake made by Molly. But I was on a train headed to the English countryside, so I was happy. Read More

London: The Kid’s Post

Yogurt parfait, toast, a banana, and a cup of fruit tea

Hi! This is Liam here! Today I’m going to tell you about my favorite part of being in London, England this week!

I loved going to the playground in Highbury Park on Friday night; climbing on a spider’s web and running on a barrel was very fun!! Also, there was a super long slide that I loved going down on! I got a lot of candy at the candy shops and the grocery store. Read More

Third Week – Packing & Pentecost

Still eating cereal…finished off the last box of blueberry clusters.

Our cupboards are just about bare. Molly has been rationing out the remaining food for the last few weeks, and I have to say, she has done a splendid job. We never once said, “Why are we eating leftover spaghetti and tuna fish sandwiches for dinner?” Her meal-planning is masterful.

This week has been painfully long as we approach the big trip. Molly and I both had long lists to accomplish this week in preparation for being gone for two months. It’s pretty strange to leave for two months and have to pare down all your most important things to a list to be checked off. But everything is in good hands, and neither of us will have to worry about anything left. We are so grateful to all of those people who are bearing our regular burdens at the church and at home so that we can enjoy ourselves. It truly is a weight off our shoulders.    Read More